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FriskFryse FrossetFrugt
0:00-0:43 ----- Intro
0:43-2:48 ----- Before We Begin
2:48-4:47 ----- What is HTML?
4:47-6:08 ----- What We Need To Start
6:08-7:30 ----- Installing Sublime Text
7:30-11:14 --- Creating an HTML file
11:14-12:32 - Tag Syntax
12:32-13:21 - HTML Page Structure
13:21-14:11 - Page Structure Examlples

Tags And Elements
14:11-17:00 - Hello World
17:00-19:13 - Headings
19:13-25:35 - Paragraphs
25:35-26:36 - Tag Attributes
26:36-29:10 - Lists
29:10-32:57 - Tables
32:57-42:00 - Forms
42:00-42:56 - Buttons
42:56-46:59 - Images
46:59-49:23 - Quotations

HTML5 Semantic Tags
49:24-50:18 - Info
50:19-51:50 - blog.html
51:50-53:59 - Articles
53:59-55:10 - Sidebar/aside/nav
55:10-56:18 - Footer
56:18-57:54 - Simple Styling with CSS
57:54-59:14 - Meta-tags/SSO
59:14-1:00:06 Internal links
1:00:06 -------- Outro

Comment from : FriskFryse FrossetFrugt

Dziad Zielony
Why margin-top:500px gave margin at the bottom?
Comment from : Dziad Zielony

"Just to be politically correct we'll go ahead and do an other"🤣
Comment from : ELCheatos

Joseph Burgess
Subscribed! I'm trying to take it slow when learning HTML/CSS.(I'm already a slow learner anyway). I've been reading books and watching course videos for a little while. Doing these multiple things help with everything falling into the blanks in areas that I don't quite "get" yet. I got more from your 1 hour crash course video than from other channels I have watched. Great teaching!
Comment from : Joseph Burgess

Lewis Vye
Great video, so helpful! Thank you
Comment from : Lewis Vye

Bee Kay
Fantastic tutorial. Thank you!
Comment from : Bee Kay

Not CaptainMax
Great Video!
Comment from : Not CaptainMax

SeeGeL cG ALz
Awesome effort and very precious informations 🧸
Comment from : SeeGeL cG ALz

Guru murthy c l
Traversy Media you made my day today. Thank you for this awesome video. I learnt a lot today... I owe you... Thank you...
Comment from : Guru murthy c l

Bob Bach
thank you for this! It expands my awareness beyond..."html? it has something to do with web pages" :)
Comment from : Bob Bach

Aicha B
Merci beaucoup, je passe au cour suivant :)
Comment from : Aicha B

Tactical Potato
I on iPad
Comment from : Tactical Potato

Mohamed Taher
This would be the super HTML course I have ever attended, Hats up
Comment from : Mohamed Taher

nicolas eldemire
Great video, cant say I didnt learn a bunch of things. I have watched this 3 times so far and others from this page. So much stuff to remember and practice.
Comment from : nicolas eldemire

Everyday Spanish
Thanks a lot for this and for focusing on HTML mostly!
Comment from : Everyday Spanish

Areeb Khan
how do i get sublime text to work on mac with text editor, What i mean is : how do i get my sublime text, words to automatically refresh into chrome, I am struggling with this, as i cannot create a text file on mac, like you did on windows in the beginning
Comment from : Areeb Khan

Jayanth Venkat
Enjoyed this
Comment from : Jayanth Venkat

Sarat Sarkar
You are the best teacher. I learnt 90% of what you taught in my first view itself. I'll watch it 5 more times and it will fit 100% in my brain. Thanks.
Comment from : Sarat Sarkar

too long and abusive language
Comment from : UnIqUe SIBLINGS Jedi

Trojan Bitcoinminer
nice, thanks :)
Comment from : Trojan Bitcoinminer

Sahan Eakanayaka
What a way to start HTML, thank you lot man, amazing......,no words to explain
Comment from : Sahan Eakanayaka

Unknown Rules
Learnd Alot on this video thank you!
Comment from : Unknown Rules

Matthew Dolan
for some reason, when i make the .txt document, it only shows up as a text document and doesn't work
edit:nvm i got it working thanks for the awesome video

Comment from : Matthew Dolan

Thomas Eriksen
Great stuff, Traversy!
Comment from : Thomas Eriksen

Jerome Honeyghan
Appreciate the help from this video. Taught me way more than I've been reading or learning in class
Comment from : Jerome Honeyghan

Michael Mgbeojirikwe
also me: <br>

Comment from : Michael Mgbeojirikwe

I sat through the entire lesson. THANK YOU! I definitely learned a lot today! Great Tutorial.
Comment from : Vampazilla

Kai Liu
Very thank you for making this kind of video for us like me (beginner)🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Kai Liu

ibrahim's channel
If you need HTML for beginners tutorial in Urdu or Hindi.
check my video now: youtu.be/KlRX8swNHiY

Comment from : ibrahim's channel

Respect Knuckles
Comment from : Respect Knuckles

favio ar
It's an excellent class, thank you very much!
Comment from : favio ar

norman busby
Am a retired IT programing professional with no WEB design experience. Because of my background I have been asked to assist the newly appointed webmaster (also no prior WEB experience) with the maintenance of our associations already up and running web page. While searching through YouTube for videos dealing with beginner level HTML & CSS I came across Traversy Medias crash course dealing with the topics. These videos explain HTML and CSS in a condensed, logical, clearly written, and easily understood format. I especially liked the split screen demo showing the syntax used to produce the page, and the saved page displaying the output allowing the designer to see the affect the syntax has on the viewable document by a visitor. I cannot tell you how helpful these videos were. Am purchasing the more in depth course offered through their website.
Comment from : norman busby

Carol Pack
be honest, comp. 1 for DUMMIES!
Comment from : Carol Pack

Sufian Mehmood Soomro
Comment from : Sufian Mehmood Soomro

Other is not correct in anyway.
Comment from : KenJohnson

Lokanath Sahoo
doing great work sir.your videos are a lot helpful.keep doing this
Comment from : Lokanath Sahoo

Comment from : Bjarnesen92

John Zeets
First Stopped Watching At 17:04
Comment from : John Zeets

Ansu ceesay
Oh gosh thank you bro:)
Comment from : Ansu ceesay

Christopher Stephens
Awesome! I've learned so much!
Comment from : Christopher Stephens

cat holic
ps : this is the easiest way to learn about a website content. not necessarily being a programmer lol.. I meant for the people who thinks they became a programmer after knowing about html not for this vid ✌
Comment from : cat holic

Medo Miller
Comment from : Medo Miller

Sk Jaoata Afnan
Comment from : Sk Jaoata Afnan

can someone help me, I am using Mac to create the html cheat cheat but its not saving, any tips?
Comment from : Lena

Niel Rossouw
YT showing me Wix advertisements while I'm trying to learn HTML, the irony!
Comment from : Niel Rossouw

Jake Framstaitfurm
are u from Boston?
Comment from : Jake Framstaitfurm

Ean Myers
As an absolute newbie to this, I found this more helpful than the year I spent in college trying to learn C++. I left this video feeling ready to explore and learn more.
Comment from : Ean Myers

Junaid Unar
Thank you for the tutorial man, I want to be a professional web developer. Already liked and subbed sometime ago.
Comment from : Junaid Unar

Orlando Mark Ayeras
Thank you for this mate!! New subscriber and actually I don't care if the ads are too long like 10mins and up because you own it and deserve it mate, cheers!
Btw, our curriculum is wayyyyy too old like 90's era lol (seriously not related) Yeah! Keep it up!

Comment from : Orlando Mark Ayeras

Jnana Srija
i can't open it in chrome even though i've chrome as my default browser
Comment from : Jnana Srija

Carlos Martinez
Thank you sir, that was a great tutorial!
Comment from : Carlos Martinez

Sk Jaoata Afnan
Comment from : Sk Jaoata Afnan

Amazing intro for beginners!
Comment from : TheConservative411

Muhammad Farooque
superb i really admire your work i dont understand english well but you were slowly speaking english make me understand what you mean my brother suggest me your video for to learn html i loved it and In sha ALLAH i want to learn more from you....
Comment from : Muhammad Farooque

Tango1niner -
Learned something today. Thanks.
Comment from : Tango1niner -

Mu'adh Haji
I was reading a HTML textbook for about 12 hrs , 65 pages just to get this basic here this video short with in 1 hr 🤣, I won't read anything from now on , I wasted 12 hrs for what I can get and understand from tutorial ? Sucks my thinking
Comment from : Mu'adh Haji

Mu'adh Haji
1 hour for a whole year study 🤣🤔, why education system sucks ! . thanks Man
Comment from : Mu'adh Haji

Mithila Roy
I loved it . You were so straight forward on point explaining everything that a beginner need to learn. Thank you so much for your passion and hard work. good luck. Please make more videos like this so we can learn more. Thanks once again.
Comment from : Mithila Roy

Mandisa Moffat
Thank you so much for this video, Brad! I was following along with every step, and am so ecstatic at now knowing the building blocks. Being plenty computer-literate as any child of the 90's, I've still never known anything about the magical scripts that run computers and the web, and never thought I would. I thought I just didn't have the brain for it.
But this year, the exciting thought of all the possibilities of creating apps and websites won over the daunting task of having to learn new languages. I started the edX MIT CS50 course, and admittedly got stuck for a while. But your video has busted me out the slump.
Turning off AdBlocker for all your videos (good point, Dae Dandel).

Comment from : Mandisa Moffat

paused at 22:00
Comment from : ananth

Saifullah Basha
Thank you !!
Comment from : Saifullah Basha

Thank you for this! I did some HTML on a limited scale many years ago and needed something to refresh my memory. This was PERFECT and so well done! If I had come in knowing nothing, it would have been just as good. So much info packed into one lesson. It moved quickly (a plus, IMO), but possibly too quickly for a total beginner. Still a plus! The beauty of video—stop and replay! I can’t understand how this free video has any thumbs down! What, the inserted ads? Skip em. Now, on to the lesson on CSS! My goal is to build a bootstrap site in Dreamweaver and I discovered that better understanding of that will make that go a lot more smoothly.
Comment from : 4zengrl

Maria Tradelane
Thank you very much... Very simple and easy to understand
Comment from : Maria Tradelane

Zion Matthew
you're better than my college teacher (boring)

Thanks man i learned a lot very informative and specific

Comment from : Zion Matthew

30,000 subscribers without any videos
Is anyone able to explain why when I typed in the code into sublime my chrome browser doesn't seem to recognize it. It writes out the code literally. For example, when I type "<!DOCTYPE html>" it will put exactly that in my browser and not actually execute the command. As well as, his text is red in sublime and mine is just normal and sublime doesn't seem to recognize it either because it doesn't give me recommendations to "finish the text" if that makes any sense? I know it's confusing and is such a bad explanation but i'm new and need some help. Thank you
Comment from : 30,000 subscribers without any videos

You made something - that would otherwise be boring - fun.
Comment from : JakeMuzzyMusic

Wow I had fun learning html 😭✊🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : OG_clutchh

ivy o
Thank you so much! Super helpful and you make it look easy
Comment from : ivy o

Prod. By TyMack
Thanks for this! Cant wait to learn more.
Comment from : Prod. By TyMack

Amir Bekhit
Great tutorial Brad, I have also enrolled in your Modern HTML5 course on Udemy / a True compliment : You are better than all of my professors who taught me 15 years ago !
Comment from : Amir Bekhit

NightKinG Gaming
i don't have words to thank u,
how much time u saved of mine with this video
keep it up man u r doing a great job

Comment from : NightKinG Gaming

Quarol Ch
IE (Please Don't ) made my day.
Comment from : Quarol Ch

Comment from : Vovl

So for the last part where you were adding the color to the headline i tried out the exact same thing as what you typed in into the system and it didnt work in fact it stayed the same
Comment from : DamagedGhost

this is the best HTML video I came across...
Comment from : ZOEYI EDDie

mc saad
Brad, good job on the video man!
Comment from : mc saad

Jeffrey Young
This is the best quick introduction I have come across. As a side note, "please god don't use internet explorer" is a common theme even outside of html coding.
Comment from : Jeffrey Young

100% best tutorial. thank you so much
Comment from : Danielo26

JT Abate
Very effective for gaining a basic understanding of the fundamentals with HTML. An effective first step in creating websites from scratch.
Comment from : JT Abate

Omar Amir
wow, i actually understood it perfectly, thanks mate and i hope you'll keep making vids like this
here is a like + a subscriber!

Comment from : Omar Amir

Dogukan Atar
Thnak you!
Comment from : Dogukan Atar

Love you man
Comment from : K J

Honestly, I don't mind watching 1 or 2 adds in your videos. Thank you so much for this!
Comment from : R3chard

Gil Sabag
Thank you very much, the best online crash courses.
Comment from : Gil Sabag

Luis Orea
www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYTmtVr2Yfg Sorry, I have to show you this, it´s not fair, I think.
Comment from : Luis Orea

this is brilliant
I used HTML 4 year ago and need to use HMTL5 now.
The best bit is from 54 minutes showing all the new semantics!
Thankyou so much

Comment from : DigNap15

maxcel zama
Great job men this was very helpful to my understanding of web development .
Comment from : maxcel zama

Mardo Gamer
Thank you for this helpful video !
Comment from : Mardo Gamer

James Prescott
It's been a while since I've touched web development.
Needed a refresher, having really forgotten anything.

Comment from : James Prescott

Priya K. R
How to change extensions into html from text in Ubuntu??
Comment from : Priya K. R

Chase Aldredge
When I created the .txt file at the beginning it has notepad as the default instead of chrome(which is set to my default browser). Also when I start in Sublime text the DOCTYPE part and html isn't red text. Also when I type head and then hit tab it doesn't automatically make two heads in brackets. What am I doing wrong?
Comment from : Chase Aldredge

Aunnur Sakkhor
I'm a designer, and my only vision for 2020 is learning code. Just completed this HTML part, this felt short but well described! Thank you Brad! Can't wait to complete the CSS and JS videos!
Comment from : Aunnur Sakkhor

Pennywise versus Joker
is there a subheading tag??
Comment from : Pennywise versus Joker

Awood Official
Thank you so much Sir.really i feel confident...
Comment from : Awood Official

Nibesh Kumar Burnwal
great video tx a lot for such cool stuff
Comment from : Nibesh Kumar Burnwal

janez trdeninšek
what if i cannot create new folder that is new sublime.txt
Comment from : janez trdeninšek

Stephanie Raymos
Great course. Straight to the point and easy to follow. Going to continue on with CSS and then javascript. Thanks.
Comment from : Stephanie Raymos

Carlos Vazquez
Hey I have windows 7 and the document text doesn't change to a chrome file. I renamed the file and wrote index.html but nothing happened and then, when I write the rest in Sublime, I can't open it. Is it because W7?
Comment from : Carlos Vazquez

Carlos Vazquez
Comment from : Carlos Vazquez

I totally understand that html isn't a 'programming' language, but it does bug me a bit when people say they are no similarities.

There may be no conditionality function etc. in HTML, but learning how to think in an entirely different syntax etc. isn't bad training to get you to think in a new 'grammar' style, similar to a true programming language.

Kind of like how learning Spanish wont directly help you learn Chinese, but learning to adopt new grammar structures WILL make it easier to learn new ones later.

Comment from : Kelleren

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